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                中文  |  English

                YECHENG MACHINERY


                YECHENG MACHINERY factory is located in yecheng industrial zone, jiaotou mingxing village, jianghai district, jiangmen city. The company since its inception has been adhering to the "quality first, service first" principle, research and development, production "industry" brand hot air seam sealing machine and multi-series waterproof clothing machinery.

                YECHENG MECHINERY

                PRODUCT CENTER More

                Professional production team

                ECHENG machinery factory has a stable production team, focusing on the development of new ...

                Professional production line

                The equipment produced by Echeng machinery factory is professional and of high quality

                Standard production workshop

                More than 15 years of experience in machinery manufacturing, our products have been sold t...

                Standardized plant production

                Echeng machinery factory has standardized large-scale workshop production lines, which can...